John Kiki CV

John Kiki CV

Works in Major Collections and Publications


Museum of Zagreb Chantry Bequest
National Gallery of Wales
The Saatchi Collection
Finland Siemens PLC
Art Esprit Ltd.
University Gallery, Liverpool
Castle Museum, Norwich


2020 Roberts K: John Kiki: The Infanta Paintings. Selwyn Taylor Limited
2018 Roberts K: John Kiki: Fifty Years in the Figurative Fold. Selwyn Taylor Limited
1993 Commissioned by Art Esprit for paintings based on Carmina Burana
1991 Imprimis Editions and Art Esprit, paints and conversations with Keith Patrick
1989 subject of a film in the ‘Artists Eye’ series made by Franco Rosso for BBC TV

Selected Group Shows

2020 Contemporary and Country, The Stables at Houghton Hall
2019 Galerie W/O/S, Art Salzbourg
2019 Galerie W/O/S, Art Luxembourg
2019 National Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (two man show with Darren Barker)
2019 Port-2-Port King's Lynn, Norfolk
2018 Skippings Gallery, Gt. Yarmouth
2018 Mandell's Gallery, Norwich
2018 John Moores Walker Gallery, Liverpool
2018 Gallery Wahrenberge, Pfäffikon SZ, Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Art Innsbruck
2017 Art Innsbruck
2017 Mandell's Gallery Norwich
2016 - Contemporary Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - Artspace Gallery London 'Flashback'
2010 - 18/21 Gallery, Norwich
2010 - King of Hearts, Norwich
2006 Gasiunasen Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
2005 Norwich Castle Museum, Norwich
2004 St Giles Gallery, Norwich
2004 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
2003 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
2002 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
2001 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
2001 ‘The Naked Truth’, Fermoy Gallery, King’s Lynn Arts Centre
2001 ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’, Art Space Gallery, London
1999 Paintings for the Circus, Great Yarmouth
1999 Innsbruck Art Fair, Germany
1999 King’s College Hospital, London
1998 King of Hearts Gallery, Norwich
1998 Innsbruck Art Fair, Germany

John Kiki Solo Shows

2023 Corn Hall, Diss, Norfolk
2022 Galerie W/O/S, Zurich
2021 Yare Gallery, Great Yarmouth
2020 Galerie W/O/S Galerie, Art Lausanne
2020 Galerie W/O/S Galerie, Single Artist Show
2020 Galerie W/O/S Galerie, Art Karlsruhe
2020 Galerie W/O/S Galerie, Special Exhibition John Kiki by Art Innsbruck
2019 Galerie Barr & Ochsner, Zurich
2019 Galerie W/O/S, Art Salzburg
2019 Galerie Wahrenberger, One Artist Show, Pfaffikon
2019 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Lausanne
2018 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Luxembourg
2018 Mandell's Gallery Norwich - solo show and book signing
2018 Gallery K, Nicosia, Cyprus
2018 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Zurich
2018 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Salzburg
2018 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Innsbruck
2017 Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
2017 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Zurich
2017 Galerie Wahrenberger; Art Innsbruck
2016 Galerie Wahrenberger, Zurich
2016 Gallery BOX, Zurich
2016 Art Innsbruck
2016 Art Montreux
2016 Art Zurich
2015 Art Innsbruck
2015 Corys’ Pop-Up Gallery, Cardiff Bay
2015 Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
2014 Artspace Gallery, London
2013 Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust at 133, King Street, Great Yarmouth
2012 The Cut, Halesworth
2011 Mandells Gallery, Norwich
2010 Wymondham Arts Centre, Wymondham, Norfolk
2009 Mandells Gallery Norwich
2008 Castle Museum Retrospective, Norwich (October ’08)
2008 Theatre Royal, Norwich
2008 Horace Blue, Norwich
2007 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
2007 Last Gallery, Zurich
2006 Chappel Galleries, Colchester
2006 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
2006 Warehouse Galleries, Lowestoft
2006 Ethna Dillon, Norwich
2005 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
2004 St Giles Gallery, Norwich
2004 Warehouse Galleries, Lowestoft
2003 Chappel Galleries, Colchester
2002 Sea Change Gallery, Great Yarmouth
2001 Frames Gallery, Norwich
2000 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City
1999 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
1999 King of Hearts Gallery, Norwich
1998 Art Space Gallery, London
1998 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
1997 Concourse Gallery, Barbican Centre, London
1997 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
1996 Hannah Feldman Gallery, Bern (Hauts de Gstaad)
1996 Galerie Waltraud Matt, Lichtenstein
1995 Art Space Gallery, London (Monoprints and Etchings
1995 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
1995 Museum of Zagreb
1994 Gallery Warhenberger, Zurich
1993 Hannah Feldman Gallery, Bern (Hauts de Gstaad)
1991 Art Space Gallery, London
1990 Norwich Gallery, Norwich
1989 Minories Gallery, Colchester
1986 Viriamu Jones Gallery, University College, Cardiff
1974 Thackeray Gallery, London
1973 Thackeray Gallery, London
1972 Student Gallery, Royal Academy, London